Our Team

At New Wave Expeditions, our team of dynamic and professional guides have one sole purpose: to make you experience magical and sensational thrills in a perfectly safe environment. All our guides are certified in whitewater rescue and first aids.

Annie BergevinTrip leader

Member of the Canadian Women’s rafting team from 2005 to 2013, World champion in Bosnia 2009, winner of a gold medal and 2 silver medals in South Korea 2007, Annie Bergevin has been a full-time rafting guide on the Jacques Cartier River since 2002. Involved in training rookies to be guides and trip leaders since 2005, active more than ever in competitive rafting and also co-owner of New Wave Expeditions, she will certainly make you live an experience that will exceed your expectations.

Our Guides

Westley Grenon River Manager - Raft Guide

Named « Rooky of the year » during his first year of rafting, Westley was born to be on the water. As he is an experienced paddler in canoeing and rafting, he decided to join the company and become our river manager. His strong leadership, determination and passion for the sport make him the perfect person qualified for the job. Innovative and creative, Westley has brought rafting to a whole new level by offering you the experience of a lifetime!

François Denis River Manager - Raft Guide

Bachelor in outdoor adventure, Frank developed a passion for whitewater in a record time. It was love at first sight! Guide for us since 2010, he practically lives in his boat, let it be a raft or a canoe. Always ready for a run, he is constantly surpassing himself, always on the lookout for the perfect wave. Once his paddle hits the water, he will make you experience a ride that you won’t soon forget!

Katherine Tremblay Raft Guide

Watch out boys! « WildKat » is one of the rare raft girls on the river. Guide since 2010, she won the award of best evolution during her rookie year. Now part of the “Jack Girls” competitive rafting team, nothing can stop her. Rafting, luging, kayaking, if she isn’t on the water, she’s dreaming about it!

Arron Haselhorst Trip Leader - Raft Guide

Born in Australia, Arron started his career as a raft guide on the Jacques Cartier River in 2002. Since then, his passion for whitewater and love for Quebec City convinced him to become a Canadian citizen. He has also guided many trips on the Magpie River and in Western Canada. With his exotic accent and crazy smile, no wonder he is one of our assets here at New Wave Expeditions!

Simon Bouchard Raft Guide

Before Simon was “converted” to the Jacques Cartier River in 2010, he used to guide on the Rouge River. It didn’t take long to convince him to guide for us! Since then, he has been part of a competitive rafting team. With all his years spent on the river, he is an experienced guide and a model for others. Ladies, let yourselves be charmed by his legendary sense of humour!

François Brassard Safety kayak

François, an experienced kayaker, has been part of our team since 2010. Having studied in outdoor adventure in British Colombia, he is the perfect safety kayaker, specially trained in leadership and risk management. When he is not working, he is in his kayak 24/7, paddling on some exotic river, always on the lookout for bigger challenges. On your next rafting trip with us, look around – Frank is always one step ahead.

Photo rapide

Louis-David Chamard Raft Guide

Louis-David « Master of Disaster » has been guiding on the JC since 2003. His nickname has nothing to do with rafting by the way. His easygoing attitude makes his participants feel safe and confident. With Louis as your guide, prepare yourself to be laughing until you cry with his unstoppable sense of humour!

Isabelle Tétrault Raft Guide

Isa is one of the rare girls on the river. This professional ergotherapist entered the world of rafting (fortunately for us) in 2003 because of her boyfriend – she was immediately hooked. Since then, she is also part of a competitive rafting team called “Los Chicas”. Always ready for a run, her smile says it all on her passion for whitewater.

Éric Desruisseaux Raft Guide

Kayaker since 2004 and raft guide since 2008, the Tewkesbury rapids on the Jacques Cartier River remain Eric’s favourite. For him, each run is unique. Since 2010, he has devoted his springs to training rookies. Working full time in Victoriaville, guess where he spends his days off?

Daniel Levasseur Raft Guide

Dan has been paddling for over fifteen years. Crazy in and out of the water, he considers the river to be his most faithful lover. He always treats her with great respect and he will talk to you about her with great passion. Although he isn’t on the river as much as he would like to, rain or shine, he is always ready for a ride!

Thierry Durand Raft Guide

Raft guide since 2001, Thierry is an outgoing person that is always fun to be around. With his enthusiasm and joy of living, he will add on to you rafting experience with his great attitude.

Robert « Bob » Bouchard Raft Guide

Raft guide since 2003, Bob mostly works for us in the beginning of the season, when water levels are high. Later in the summer, he prefers leaving all the responsibilities to the other guides, while he takes on the role of photographer. Say cheese! You never know when Bob will be taking a shot of you when you will expect it the least!

Gabriel « Ti-Gab » Brodeur-Desbiens Raft Guide

Having studied in outdoor adventure, Gab had no choice but to complete an internship in the whitewater field to complete his diploma. Uneasy in the water at first, he started training with us in 2008 without ever having held a paddle. In another life, he must have been a fish, because in only a couple of weeks time, he became an excellent guide and has never stopped getting better. Always on the lookout for new challenges, he started river kayaking the same year. If you think that rafting is not an accessible sport to you, let Gab convince you otherwise!

Véronique Delisle Raft Guide

Vero studied in outdoor adventure and joined the team by completing a whitewater internship with us. Lifeguard and canoeist, she is perfectly comfortable in the water. Rafting has become another excuse to spend time outside and on the river. Her outgoing attitude makes her a great rafting guide.

Photo rapide

Christian Lambert Raft Guide

Member of our team since 2010, being a raft guide is just another job that adds on to his incredible “resumé”. Firefighter, first responder, ocean lifeguard, saving lives is part of his daily routine. To escape from the city for awhile, Christian plays another kind of hero on the water during his spare times.