Rafting 101

You have never been rafting?

Planning a rafting trip for the first time can be quite an adventure in itself. Which company should I choose? Which package is best for me? What do I need to bring? Is it dangerous?

Contact us by phone or email and we will gladly answer all these questions for you. It is important to experience a rafting adventure with a certified company who works with professional guides that will have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you safely.

Many of our participants experience rafting for the first time. Our guides will give you the necessary training and important safety tips before going on the water. Once on the river, you will learn the correct way to paddle and have all the different commands explained by your guide to manoeuvre your boat. After a bit of practice on flat water with your team, you will be ready to begin your adventure!

Rapid Classification

White water is created when the slope increases, obstacles occur or the river becomes narrower. These conditions produce waves, thresholds, reversed currents, etc. With an expert guide at the back of the inflatable raft, one can participate in a rafting activity without any experience or knowledge of white water. On your very first run you will become familiar with the morphology of the river and become immediately addicted to the sport.

The rapids classification system is universal. Clients of New Wave Expeditions will experience rapids of category I to V, according to season and selected package.

  • Class I : Moving water, rapids are easily negotiable
  • Class II : Small waves, some obstacles are encountered
  • Class III : Waves with obstacles that can be negotiated relatively easily
  • Class IV: Strong rapids, technical manoeuvring is required
  • Class V: : Long rapids, numerous obstacles and thresholds, highly technical manoeuvres are required

River rafting fees

How much should I pay for a rafting trip? Different prices from one company to another depend on many factors, such as operating licenses mandatory in certain provinces and the presence of other similar businesses in the surrounding area. In general, companies set their fees according to their experience on the river and the quality of their packages. When a company’s prices are low, it may mean that market competition is high, but it can also mean that all equipment is not included in the base rate (such as the wetsuit that is a mandatory option). Low prices can also be explained by guides that are not as rigorously trained or that customer service standards are low.

Safety is an important aspect to consider when choosing a rafting company. Do not hesitate to ask when the company was started? What training is required for their guides? How many rafting trips do they do yearly? What are the advantages of booking with them instead of someone else?