Come discover the Jacques Cartier River with your whole family! It is the perfect combination for a day filled with fun, adventure and excitement, while staying safe at all times. Your moments spent on the river will definitely become memories for years to come. Different packages are offered in order to please each member of your family. Come live this experience together!

To know which package suits your family best, check out the following descriptions of our family trips:

Photo Familiale

Family Float Trip 2 adults/ 2 kids

Discover a calmer section of the majestic Jacques Cartier River that is ideal for younger kids. There are only little rapids on this section in order to make this adventure safe and accessible to everyone.

Children must be at least 3 years of age to participate

Photo Doublez le plaisir

Traditional - Tewkesbury

For thrill seekers, discover by raft the mythical Tewkesbury rapids on the Jacques Cartier River. With 9.6 km of class III-IV (V) rapids, a swim in white water and a jump of a cliff, your day will be full of adventures. This package is ideal for adventurous families that want to experience a more active rafting trip.

Must be at least 12 years of age (depending on water level) and weigh at least 90 pounds to participate

Photo Batiscan

The Discovery

You wish to organize your next family reunion in a unique and original place? Discover by raft the Upper Jacques Cartier River with you whole family during the day and meet back at our base camp to enjoy a delicious BBQ meal to top off your day. This package is perfect for large groups that wish to experience a rafting trip together.

Children must be at least 7 years of age to participate (depending on water level)

Divide your family

You aren’t sure which package to choose to please each member of your family? Divide your group so that each person may choose the package that suits him/her best. Meet back at our base camp to share your adventures, while enjoying a delicious BBQ meal on our outdoor terrace.

Discovery package
7 y.o. & up

$77 + taxes
All inclusive

The Traditional
12 y.o. & up, 90 pounds (41kg)

$94 + taxes
All inclusive

Family Float Trip :
2 adults / 2 kids

$159 + taxes
All inclusive