Whether you are a group of eight or eighty-eight, bring your group and friends to experience an incredible rafting adventure. Thrills and enjoyment are guaranteed all through your trip! Our flexibility and installations will permit you to organize a custom-made package for the benefit of your group: birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, outdoor clubs, sports teams, school field trips, day camps, or simply enjoy a moment amongst friends. Many options are available to help you create moments that will be remembered 10 years from now!

Amongst friends

Organize a group of 8 friends and you will raft for free (9th person free). On top of that, you and your friends will enjoy the exclusive use of your raft. This offer is valid for either “The Traditional” or the “Full day” package on the Jacques Cartier River. Contact us now to book your adventure!


Surprise a friend by offering him/her a rafting adventure for his birthday! Organize a group of 9 friends or more and your friend will raft for free. Top off your day by a game of volleyball, followed by a delicious BBQ meal on our terrace overlooking the river. Contact us to plan this day of celebration!

Bachelor or Bachelorette parties

Nothing is better than an outdoor activity to celebrate the coming big event. Fun, smiles and good times to share amongst friends and loved ones will definitely be remembered for years to come.

The bride/groom will receive a discount or raft for free depending on the number of participants. Here are the following discounts:

Between 5 and 8 participants : : 50% off for the bride or groom to be
9 participants: The bride or groom to be rafts for free
Over 10 participants: Contact us!

For your bachelor or bachelorette party, New Wave Expeditions will make you live an experience that won’t be soon forgotten!

Outdoor Clubs

You are looking for a new activity to propose to your outdoor club? You wish to introduce members to new technical activities? New Wave Expeditions offers you numerous options in the white water branch that will complement your future outings!

Available trainings:

  • Introduction to techniques and manoeuvres to steer a raft
  • Introduction to self-rescue in white water
  • Introduction to white water rescue
  • Rescue circuits
  • Emergency situation drills
  • Water activities…

Whatever your goal is, different options are available to satisfy the needs of your group or clients. Contact us now to develop a suitable package and fee for your outdoor club.

Sports teams

You wish to strengthen your group’s team spirit or simply reward your team for their efforts during the season? Bring your sports team experience an adventure that will bring them to a whole new level of teamwork. By paddling together, they will face multiple challenges. Overcoming obstacles will reward them with a sense of pride and will certainly strengthen the bonds between players.

Teamwork, communication, trust, fun – whatever the goal of your outing, we will make sure your adventure meets your expectations and those of your group. Contact us to develop a suitable package and fee for your team.

Schools – Day Camps
Social re-adaptation centers

You are looking for an activity that will provide your group with a rich learning and self-achieving experience? In a context of river water safety awareness, various challenges will be presented to involve the participants physically and emotionally, thus increasing their self-confidence and esteem. Each challenge will be designed to suit the age and abilities of every individual.

Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience in a professional and safe manner. Contact us to develop a customized package that will suit your needs and those of your group.

How to organize your rafting group

  • Consult your group and choose a date that is convenient for everyone. Plan an alternate date, in case your first choice is not available.
  • Call us at 418-520-7238 to know if there is a departure available on your chosen date. Ask about our different packages and current discounts, to know which one would suit your group best.
  • Confirm the date with your group, the exact number of people present, the desired package and the option of a BBQ meal or not.
  • Gather deposits of 30$ per person or pay it yourself and find a simple way to have the members of your group pay you back. We find that the easiest way to proceed is for the organizer to pay the total deposit for his group and that he gets paid back once everyone is reunited the day of the trip.
  • Call at New Wave Expeditions to complete your booking. In addition to have your valid credit card number close at hand, you will need to answer the following questions:
    • Date?
    • Time of arrival (AM or PM)?
    • Desired package?
    • Number of participants?
    • BBQ meal or not?

Confirm all the details to your group and it will be our pleasure to greet you on the Jacques Cartier River for your rafting adventure!

How to organize
your rafting group

  • Determine the exact number of participants in your group
  • Choose a date that is convenient for everyone and plan an alternate date
  • Choose your desired package and time of arrival (AM or PM)
  • Decide if you want the BBQ meal or not
  • Gather deposits of 30$ per person or pay it yourself and find a simple way to have the members of your group pay you back
  • Call us at 418-520-7238 to book your rafting trip. Have your valid credit card number close at hand to complete the deposit and reservation.

N.B. It is preferable to confirm a minimum number of people and add more people to the group in the following days, instead of cancelling participants. This way, you limit the risks of losing your deposit and it is easier for us to manage our bookings.